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Other Life

Outside of her day to day work sphere, Angharad organises and facilitates a number of creative expeditions, retreats and courses each year. These include a nurturing retreat series for women, 'Return to Centre' (, and a series of year long Contemporary Animism Apprenticeships at a number of centres including Embercombe in Devon. She also leads landscape expeditions and pilgrimages that explore the history, archaeology, myths and 'dreaming' of the land include 'In the Footsteps of Ancestors', a contemporary creative expedition over 3-4 days in June each year, and a retreat series entitled 'Dreaming the Land' ( In addition, Angharad runs a number of one or half-day story-walks in locations around Wales a few times a year. Out of this work and an increasing interest in native spirituality has come Dadeni, a three year programme of enquiry and exploration into the ancient Brythonic or Briton-ic spirituality of this land which Angharad leads alongside other great facilitators and teachers of this tradition.

Storytelling, speaking at events and running workshops takes her far and wide, from Wales, to Festivals in Portugal and as far afield as India. She combines her deep knowledge of the ancient mythology and spiritual traditions of Britain with insights drawn from wisdom and healing tales from indigenous cultures across the world, click here for more about her storytelling life.

Angharad continues to delight in drawing together the fragments of our tradition that can help guide and sustain a living spiritual practice, connected to this land and her creatures. Her retreats and creative works are are conceived as radical acts of re-membering our soulful, deep humanity and re-weaving ourselves back into fully engaged participation within the web of life. To find out more about this work and a programme of activity, visit

All this and being mum to Myfi, wife to Mike, step-mum to Amber and chief human to Cadi the border collie, a co-founder of the Animate Earth Collective, Director of Dreaming The Land..... AND in this coming year, completing a diploma in counselling and psychotherapy, renovating a home and re-wilding a patch of agricultural land in wild, west Wales!

When she has spare time (a rare thing!), it's dedicated to writing, dreaming in nature, gardening and long wild walks in wilderness.

You can follow Angharad's adventures and find out more about her retreats, expeditions, pilgrimages, storytelling projects and connections with the mythic landscape by following her on social media, click below for links.

Storytelling at Boom
In the Footsteps of Ancestors '16
Dreaming the Land
Goddess of the woods, Cae Mabon
Dreaming the Land '15
In the Footsteps of Ancestors '15
Return to Centre Retreat
Return to Centre '15
Mountain Training 2015
Return to Centre '16
Return to Centre '16
Return to Centre
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