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Sense of Place

A core part of the consultancy’s work has been the development and delivery of the Sense of Place programme for Visit Wales and Welsh Government, working with communities and business groups across Wales to strengthen local identity and distinctiveness. This work has subsequently taken Angharad to towns and regions of Eire, Ireland, Portugal and Finland as well as across the UK, working with regeneration projects as well as tourism teams.


A high proportion of this work involves engaging with and re-inspiring communities about their locality, working bilingually when needed, to harness their knowledge in order to discover the places' unique story and provide enriched interpretation of that place, and an increased sense of guardianship. 

The work now forms core parts of regeneration projects where re-engaging the community with their place and its future is as important as re-developing the urban landscape.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this or any other aspect of our work.

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