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This very exciting news is just out, and I’m delighted to say that in my 49th year I am finally allowed to (in fact it’s part of the job description) wonder in enchanted woods, track down giantesses, take tea with witches, interview fairy godmothers and explore shape shifting. And, as if that wasn’t enough, I get to have all these wonderful adventures alongside writer, psychologist, folklorist and all round wonder, Dr Sharon Blackie.

Full news here from The Bookseller

That’s two out of the three wishes done, right? The third….well, ‘how about our dream publisher for this work?’ KERPOW!! - Sarah Savitt and the fantastic team of feminist word wizards at Virago press to help us conjure this book and deliver it to bookshops by Calan Gaeaf / Samhain / Halloween 2024. And it wouldn't have happened without the vision, experience and passion of Jane Graham Maw, our agent at Graham Maw Christie.

It feels as though a whole batch of dreams just came true at once!

Or perhaps it is that it’s time, and the older women characters of European myth and folklore were just ready to tell their versions of their stories, to have their voice reclaimed and we were listening. It’s an honour to be in service to these stories and an incredible privilege to be able to bring them to a broader readership, and we hope, back to the telling - wherever they want to be told, wherever they need to be heard.

More on our adventures with the Wise Women of European Myth and Folklore soon.

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